Appealing Online Coupons

So your marketing boss asked you to come up with a very appealing online coupon to promote your latest product. Seems like all your competitors are doing their jobs in earning the best load of money and you need to catch up. But the thing is- you are in a budget restriction plan that your accounting department imposed. How would you promote your product without writing an expensive advertising proposal to your company accountant?

Design online coupons and then make sure they get on the best sites. Pretty hard isn’t it? No, not actually. All you need is to tap your IT department personnel and ask how you will be able to upload your online coupon design to impress your marketing boss. But the thing is how to make appealing online coupons. The following article will help you with the basics and out of basics to design online coupons. Let’s give it a try.

1. Eye-catching headline. To catch an online buyers’ attention is pretty easy. All you have to do is flash that big, eye-catching headline. No one will pay attention to your coupon if it is not eye-catching in the first place. To come up with an eye-catching headline, you need to come up with strong words, in a non-offending manner of course. Strong words such as FREE!!!, and BUY 1 TAKE 1, are among the widely used strong promotional captions. We see this a lot with e cig companies like Vaporfi. Of course to get more business they will offer Vaporfi coupons, discounts & deals.

2. Engage buyer’s attention. So you caught buyers’ attention with that flashy SALE and FREE! Headlines and your next goal is to keep them hooked on your online coupon. To do that, you have to make a follow-up sub-headline to support your flashy headline. You can put the actual price of the product but with a line crossing it out. This may suggest that there is a huge cut from the actual price that will be helpful for the buyer. Aside from figure cutting, you can also add short words like ‘BUY 1 AND GET SECOND ITEM 50% OFF!’ or ‘$1.00 OFF ON YOUR TUESDAY SHOPPING!’ This will not only engage the buyers’ attention for a day but will let them check your online coupon every time they shop on Tuesdays.

3. Make it short. No one will pay attention to a very long and worded advertisement. Everyone is too busy to do that. Customers will just want to see what it is on sale and how it will save them more money. A good and eye-catching headline and a supporting sub-headline will do just fine. Too many words will cause the customers to retract and your goal to make a sale is dead, right there and then.

4. Include your product. Let the customers know what the coupon is all about. You can include the picture of the product you are promoting on the side of the texts or sub-headline. Make sure that consumers could not have mistaken your product with another. Include the official logo or picture packaging of the product to make it easier to recognize.

5. Colors. Colors are very important part of an advertising material. Eye-catching colors like blue, red and yellow are among the most widely used. But take note: You should not use all of the colors you want to put on that small online coupon. Since you will have to work on a small ad, consider minimizing the design – and that includes the colors you will use. The text should have maximum colors of only two (2). The stronger colors will have to associate with the headline and the lighter one on the sub-headline.

6. Simplify. Your target customers don’t have to have a degree to understand the coupon. Simplify as much as possible. Do not add too many restrictions. Legal talks and law enforced coupons will make the customers ignore your coupon. If they can sense that there will be a lot of things to do before they can avail the coupon you are offering, they might as well retract.

7. Set limitations. Of course you will not be offering half of the sales of the product for the coupons. Coupons are for free and most of the time in smaller value. Set the limit of the value of the coupon such as expiration date, amount and the bar code if there is any.